We wish to create and develop a school where we can build people who are capable of a happy, fulfilling life. For this, we feel it is essential that they understand and respond not only to the world but also to their individual selves. Appropriate balances have to be practiced between:

·        Intellect and emotion

·        Body and spirit

·        Self and society

·        Work and play

·        Competition & co-operation

·        Simplicity & style

·        Reason & faith

·        Freedom & compulsion

We want our children to understand that change is the only constant and show them the importance of the dictum ‘Be green and growing, not ripe and rotten. We should make them understand that change too has a time and reason; not all changes, at all times, at all places are possible or desirable. We don’t necessarily need to replace the old order but rather build on it.

Every child should be taught to target idealism, but not forget reality. Practical idealism should be the goal. Our public image should hold out a promise of worldly success, in terms of career and money making, but in the process, values should become second nature. Academics are essential but aesthetic and spiritual pursuit should become a simultaneous effortless journey.

Our children should learn to respect norms, rules and hierarchy but if required to decide otherwise they should be able to exercise power and discretion to make divergent choices and take responsibility. All members should learn both to lead and follow. Power of bright and judicious ideas should prevail over the power of chair and authority.

Children should be inspired, motivated and driven to become global citizens in terms of professional perfection, cultural tolerance, civic sense & proactive skills in environmental & social issues.

Academics should be an exciting exploration & research; related and applicable to life, leading to constructive behaviour modification. All mental faculties of memory, reasoning analysis synthesis should find a due place.

In sports, every student should become physically fit; should master one team game, one pair game and one individual sport like swimming, cycling, jogging etc. He/she should become aesthetically sensitive and appreciative. He/she should develop a passion for some form of dance music art etc.

Meditation, reflection and realisation should become a habit.

Every child must bridge the gap between potential and performance. We should be able to create a system of giving and taking fair and friendly feedback. All efforts should be justly rewarded.

Every child should become a bench-marker with its futuristic trends.